Based on the story of Japan’s most well-known folklore hero, Momotaro is a comic about a boy born out of a peach. When his village is attacked by demons, he embarks on an adventure of self-discovery and friendship as he wanders into the magical world of his past.

About Annie Sexton, the Author

I’m Annie Sexton, the author and artist of Momotaro. I primarily reside in Austin, Texas (my hometown), but I’m kind of known for not staying in the same place for long. I’ve spent a lot of time globe-trotting, and I love learning about other cultures. I lived in Japan for a couple of years as a student, a teacher, a web developer, and yes, a tourist. To this day it still feels like my home away from home.

I don’t do comics full time, although one day I’d certainly like to. Presently I work full time at a tech company. It’s easily the best job I’ve ever had. My true love is, and always will be, stories, but I thoroughly enjoy programming and it has allowed me to live comfortably and visit amazing places. For this I will always be grateful.

Momotaro is a passion project, and hopefully the first of many to come. If you'd like to reach out to me, connect with me on Instagram @anniethesexton and on @anniethesexton